A Free Web Isn't a Given

but the Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting for us!

We're not Guaranteed a Free Web screenshot

You can’t find what doesn’t get published.

… well, we’d only be able to find approved material, people might need to pay enough money to put things on the web that they wouldn’t make the effort too, governments would again control the flow of information.

Information is power, and if you keep up with the subject you’d understand that I’m not being alarmist in saying that there are officials chipping away at the unprecedented publishing freedom on the web at every turn.

The subject is so big it is difficult to do a good job writing about it…

…but the EFF’s countless articles do great job.

Reading the EFF news site is a scary thing, but there you will understand what we need to fight for daily and here about there focused plans to fend off every encroachment on their freedom that they can.

I won’t try to do what they do worse … and to link to “important articles” there might mean producing a new link a day… straying from the purpose of this site.

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