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Do you use the Wikipedia to learn from ? This site aims to be as careful and thoughtful as the Wikipedia is, also using a volunteer force of people coming together world wide.

This is a daunting task though, given the conflicts of interest I describe in this post: “Black Hats and Why you can’t find what you’re looking for”

It is also a real dilemma for the DMOZ trying to decide whether a site on multiple topics deserves a listing for each topic.

Listing sites only once

DMOZ decided to balance having zillions of links, hundreds per site, to deciding to list each site (with some exceptions) only once. It gets tricky if you have a Rental Vacation Cabin site, but also have your cabin appearing as a page at many sites. It gets tricky if you have two rental homes in different areas on one site…your vacation rental won’t show up in the list for the area it is in.

If you’re looking for a real estate firm in your county, and the company represents three counties, looking for the real estate company’s In your county probably won’t show the bigger firm. They’ve taken some steps to improve this however it is still a big issue.

Problem: be ready to miss companies or sites that cover multiple topics. Benefit: given the DMOZ’s diligence, you can be pretty assured that you’ll find less web-spam sites.

DMOZ try’s hard, and it is useful to its sponsor Google in approving of a domain at least once .. which may allow Google to feel safe showing the results in multiple categories.

It does good… just not necessarily for the person looking.

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